Jewish Bratislava – Chatam Sofer Memorial

Duration: 2 hours

Chatam Sofer was a world-renowned Orthodox rabbi and scholar, Chief rabbi of Pressburg (Bratislava). He headed a yeshiva in Bratislava that was considered one of the most prominent centers of traditional Jewish learning in Europe. The beginnings of the famous cemetery date back to the 17th century, when Jews were allowed to settle on the estate of the Pálffy Counts.

The site served for centuries as the burial place of the Bratislava Jewish community, but it was destroyed in 1943, when the nearby tunnel was constructed. Only the most precious section, with 23 graves surrounding the Chatam Sofer’s tomb, was preserved, encircled by a concrete shell and covered with panels. In 2000-2002, the whole site was redeveloped and the gravestones were restored.

2012 was the 250th anniversary of Chatam Sofer´s birth.


Price includes: tram ticket ● guide from the Bratislava Jewish Religious Community ● entrance fee